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Jinhua Polytechnic Hosted Jinhua-Taiwan Seminars for Small Animal Medicine

Source: Agriculture and Biological Engineering School

Author: Huang Hui

Time: March 13, 2019

On March.12th, Agriculture and Biological Engineering School hosted Jinhua-Taiwan Seminars for small animal medicine. Five experts from Taiwan National Chung Hsing University, Dong Guangzhong, the chair of the department of wild animals, School of Veterinary Medicine, Chen Hairong, vice dean, relevant personnel from International Cooperation and Exchange Department, faculty and experts from small animal medicine across the nation, as well as students from Jinhua Polytechnic were present. More than 130 people attended the seminar.

In the seminar, Chen Hairong first welcomed those attending the meeting on behalf of Jinhua Polytechnic, expressed gratitude to all the alumni that supported Jinhua Polytechnic, and introduced the history, scale, capacity, departments and faculty of the school. He said that the school has very close exchange and cooperation programs with Taiwan and has established friendly partnership with more than 20 colleges there; Jinhua Polytechnic also actively develops the multidimensional platform, cultural exchange—specialty exchange—employment and entrepreneurship. He also said that the seminar was fortunate to have professors and experts from Taiwan National Chung Hsing University to join us, which provided great opportunity for studying the new direction for animal science, as well as for the department’s growing and talents training. He hoped that all experts and colleagues could give more sguidance and support to the advancement of Jinhua Polytechnic.

Huang Liquan, the associate professor from Zhejiang University and president of Zhejiang Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Nutrition Branch, introduced the origin and development of small animal medicine career in Zhejiang Province. He expressed that Zhejiang was relatively late in the small animal medicine business. Thus, in order to promote the development of the occupation, the association would invite experts from Taiwan to give lectures as well; every year, the lecture was well-received, which played an active role in promoting the development of the occupation. Using this opportunity, he also invited the professors and scholars from Taiwan National Chung Hsing University to Zhejiang to teach courses and pass on their valuable experiences.

Dong Guangzhong gave a report on “Medical Treatment and Monitoring for Exotic Animal Diseases.” This was also one of the 2019 overseas expert lectures series. In the lecture, Dong Guangzhong used the perspective—from popular science to clinical treatment—and various pictures and vivid cases, sharing the species and clinical treatment that he has experienced in the past 30 years of his career. He pointed out that since people treat their pets more and more as family members, as a certified veterinarian, mastering the communication skills is more important than improving our surgical skills. For example, one can learn from the four ways of diagnosis from traditional Chinese medicine--look, listen, question and feel the pulse—and prevent medical disputes. Besides, Dr. Lai Zhenghong, the associate professor from Taiwan National Chung Hsing University, Zhang Junyi, the expert of animal medicine management in Taiwan and President of Naughty Family Pet Hospital, and Dr. Zhang Xiaoyuan, the associate professor of Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture, respectfully gave reports on “Small Animal Dermatosis,” “Pet Hospital Management,” and “Pulmonary X Ray Image Examination.” They also had Q&A sessions.

It was reported that Taiwan National Chung Hsing University was founded in 1919. It has more than a hundred year of history. NCHU’s agriculture science and veterinarian medicine were ranked world’s top 1% basic science. Most of its exchange with mainland colleges were Zhejiang University, Huazhong Agriculture University, and other accredited universities. This seminar was the first exchange between NCHU and Jinhua Polytechnic; this was also the first exchange that NCHU had with higher vocational colleges in mainland. This seminar played an active role in the building of animal science and veterinary medicine of our school and promoting the development of vocational education.

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