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Work and Travel USA

Introduction of the Program

Work and Travel USA is a program run by the United States government. Under this program, international students can legally enter the US for 4 months during their vacations and work for US employers. This program is beneficial for students who get a perspective on American culture, travel, and earn money. Thousands of overseas students have been enrolled in this program since it was started.

Apart from the requirements of the J1 Visa itself, the Work and Travel USA program has standards of its own. It is meant only for full time university students aged between 18-28, with intermediate or better English.

Typically the exchange program lasts for 4 months starting from May, during the official vacations students have in their home country. International exchange students can work for 4 months, and then they have the 30-daygrace period for leaving the States. They are not allowed to work during this period. Usually, the period for Chinese students is from Jun 15th to Sep 15th. The exact program dates are indicated in the document known as DS-2019, which your seasonal employee is required to keep at all times.

     Those who wish to participate submit their applications to one of the exchange organizations accredited by the US government, known as program sponsors. Sponsors check that the candidates meet the eligibility criteria, conduct interviews to choose positions best suitable for a participant's background and experience, and test English proficiency.

     Also, orientation session is provided to candidates, giving all the details about their future employment, housing, costs, American way of living, and so on. Sponsors also make sure all the papers including the DS-2019 form and medical insurance are in proper order.



项目起源于美国联邦政府通过的信息及教育交流法案,后在1961年纳入并扩展为教育及文化平等交流法案。项目致力于美国与其他国家的教育文化交流,让全世界大学生能花尽可能少的钱,拥有尽可能多自由体验美国生活。项目在进入中国之前,已在欧洲,美洲及亚洲其他国家和地区成功运作30 余年,每年有成千上万的大学生,在暑假,持J-1 证进入美国企业进行为期为10-13 周的短期带薪实习,并利用间歇期在美国境内旅游或实地体验美国生活。根据美国国务院及美领馆规定,中国学生参加项目时间为6 15 9 15 日。参加此项目的同学不但提升英语交流能力,开阔视野,同时也为未来职业打下坚实的基础。项目没有专业限制,给更多同学提供赴美机会;带薪实习可平衡同学们在美国的基本生活费,大大减轻负担;帮助同学们办理美国社保卡,对未来有计划在美国留学和工作的同学有极大裨益

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