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Zhejiang Education Bureau Came to Jinhua Polytechnic to Review the Extension of Jinhua Polytechnic Wintec International College

Source: International Education College, International Cooperation and Exchange Department

Author: Chen Qing and Shan Ying

Time: June 6, 2019

On June.5th, Lyu Jin, the head of Extension Inspection Review Group of Zhejiang Education Bureau and professor from China Jiliang University, Wang Zhenbin, the chief of International Cooperation and Exchange Department of Zhejiang Education Bureau, and others came to Jinhua Polytechnic to review the extension of Jinhua Polytechnic Wintec International College. President Liang Kedong, Vice Presidents Chang Chengjun and Chen Hairong, relevant personnel from Wintec, and faculty members attended the meeting.


During the meeting, Liang Kedong warmly welcomed the guests and introduced the general information about Jinhua Polytechnic. He expressed that after several years of practice, and after introducing and absorbing advanced education philosophies from New Zealand, Jinhua Polytechnic made good attempts at talents raising, the level of faculty internationalization significantly improved, which was well-received in the society. Liang Kedong emphasized that while the expert group came to our school and gave diagnosis for Wintec International College, we could use this opportunity to analyze experiences regarding organizations’ operations, further highlight Wintec’s specialties, and improve the quality and efficiency of the school.

Chen Hairong introduced the circumstances of promoting the internationalization of Jinhua Polytechnic in recent years. In the meantime, he also reported the institution building and management, school’s specialties and achievements, as well as plans for the recent future. He also stated the reason for extending Wintec International College at Jinhua Polytechnic from three perspectives: the needs for internationalized, practical technicians due to regional economic development, the  safeguard originated from the strong desires to continue cooperation between the two parties, and the solid base thanks to the school’s achievements and preliminary brand effect.

Wang Zhenbin suggested that the purpose of this trip was to review the request to extend Jinhua Polytechnic Wintec International College on site. He said that after five years of practice, the school has reached the scale of six majors and more than 900 people, which was an outstanding achievement and showed great effectiveness of this college. He hoped that Jinhua Polytechnic could capture the problems, grasp the steps, further consolidate the founding base, and gather more specialties and achievements to extend the influence of the school.   

Afterwards, the expert group did some field visit and sat in classes; they also reviewed the materials for extension; and discussed the teaching quality, faculty team building, teaching material developing, and teaching facility upgrade with relevant personnel.

During the feedback session, the expert group acknowledged the achievements of Wintec International College, and since the administrative and party members of Jinhua Polytechnic paid great attention to Wintec, did a lot ground work for the operations and management of Wintec, improving the teaching capacity and students’ skills, expanding students’ capabilities, and reached anticipated results, the group unanimously thought that Jinhua Polytechnic met the requirements for extension. At the same time, the expert group, gave pertinent suggestions for the development of Wintec according to the field visit results. They suggested that first, in order to be better at planning the resources as a whole, we should strengthen top building and regulation making; second, we should use improving the teaching quality of Sino-foreign cooperation colleges as a tool, gradually build a stable teaching team and achieve new-resource-sharing; third, we should aim at improving students’ accomplishments, fully use the strength that students from Sino-foreign cooperation classes have in competitions and employment, fully bring the influence that Jinhua Polytechnic has to surrounding education institutions into play; and fourth, based on upgrading teaching facilities, we should create a friendly environment for Sino-foreign cooperation on education.

Finally, Liang Kedong declared his stance on the expert group’s feedback. He said that Jinhua Polytechnic would further summarize the accomplishments we made so far and engage in deep discussion and analysis regarding the new problems and tasks arise during cooperation. Meanwhile, the schools would follow the ideas required by “Exemplar Sino-Foreign Cooperated Educational Institutions” and emphasize on the quality of talents raising. To promote the next stage of international cooperation on education, the school would also make changes on unifying finance, staff, regulations, and teaching standards in accordance with the requirements set by exemplar institutions.

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