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2019 International Visual Art Education Seminar Concluded Successfully in Jinhua Polytechnic

Source: Art School

Author: Jin Yaoyao

Time: May 20, 2019

On the morning of May.19th, the 2019 International Visual Arts Education Seminar, hosted by Jinhua Polytechnic hosted, and undertook by the Art School, the arts education research center of East China Normal University, and Yangtz River Delta Art Education and Research Alliance, concluded successfully. Rita Owen, professor from the University of British Columbia (in Canada), Yamamoto Asahiprofessor of Naruto University of Education (in Japan) and representative of Art and Science Education Council, Christopher Murphy, associate professor from University of North Texas, Qian Chuxi, professor, PhD program advisor, and acting director of art education research center from East China Normal University, Zhou Chaohui, vice president of internal affairs of Shanghai Normal University, Liang Kedong, president of Jinhua Polytechnic, relevant personnel, and more than 180 art education workers from ten provinces and six countries attended the ceremony. The closing ceremony was narrated by vice president Chen Hairong.

The scene of the closing ceremony.

President Liang Kedong Gave Closing Speech

Liang Kedong gave closing address; and on behalf of the school, he paid great respect to all that contributed to the development of visual art education, and expressed gratitude to all officials, experts, institutions, media companies, and staff. He pointed out that this seminar was focused on the new topic required by the new era—"The Capacity and Service of Visual Art Education in the Era of Artificial Intelligence,” which promoted high-intensity, high-quality discussion and exchange of the present and future of visual art education, shared the new ideas, goals, and models for visual art education in the AI era across different countries, and grasped the prospect and trend of Chinese and global visual art education. Although the seminar was short, it had substantial contents and lively forms—it was a pragmatic and efficient meeting that led to great results. At last, Liang genuinely welcomed any suggestions and advice that all officials and experts might have towards Jinhua Polytechnic and the development of art education.

Professor Rita Owen from the University of British Columbia Gave a Speech

In Rita Owen’s address, she expressed gratitude to the attending guests and staff; she especially thanked the host—Jinhua Polytechnic—for providing facilities and service for this seminar. She said that international art education is a global organization that believes firmly that various forms of visual art education are necessary for people’s lives and academic work; visual art could also promote the understanding and appreciation of regional and global cultures. China has excellent tradition in visual art and contemporary Chinese artists opened new paths for the international visual arts practices. On behalf of international art education association, she genuinely invited more Chinese art educators to attend the 2019 InSEA World Summit in Vancouver, Canada, and the 2021 InSEA World Summit in Hangzhou.

The closing ceremony also witnessed the request for handover ceremony 2020 International Visual Art Education Seminar and the Fourth Yangtze River Delta Art Education Research Congress.” Qian Chuxi and Zhou Chaohui respectively gave summary address and thesis speech. Finally, Chen Hairong announced that 2019 International Visual Art Education Seminar and the Third Yangtze River Delta Art Education Research Congress was successfully concluded.

It was reported that In SEA World Summit is the major academic meeting hosted regularly by International Art Education Association. Hosted every two years, InSEA is one of the most rigorous and influential summits in the field of international art education today; it is also one of the summits that has the highest number of attending countries and people. Till this day, the summit has successfully hosted 35 sessions. Its 36th session will be hosted in July, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. And its 37th session will be hosted in Hangzhou Normal University in 2021, which will be the first time that it is hosted in China.

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