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 Source: International College   

Author: Cai Jinjing Zhu Qian 

Transtor: Zhu Qian

Recently, International Education College holds the first International Culture and Art Festival with the theme of “Enjoy the Fragrance of Calligraph and Painting, Appreciate the Charm of Chinese Traditional Art”. Vice President Yang Yan and relevant functional department leaders attend this event.

In the activity, Yang Yan said:” as a treasure of Chinese art, Chinese traditional painting has a long history. And it is the essence of the world's cultural art treasures.” She hopes that through this calligraphy and painting exchange, more overseas students will experience the charm of Chinese traditional painting and understand Chinese art.


    In the activity,  the painting and calligraphy studio manager of the Art Design College introduces the Chinese painting knowledge to the present teachers and students. She takes the Yu Guo Lady Tour Spring Garden and Fuchun Mountain Residence as examples, vividly explains the charm of pen and ink, the bone method with the pen. Her presentation wins applause from the present teachers and students. In the following teacher-student interaction, international students representatives create Chinese paintings in groups of four. Under the guidance of the teachers and students of the painting and calligraphy studio, everyone splashed ink and imagination. Pieces of vivid art works appear on paper. At the end of this activity, the students of t the painting and calligraphy studio also present gifts to international students.


     “Thank you very much to Jinhhua Polytechnic for providing us with such a platform, and letting me know Chinese painting and meet new friends. This is my first time to paint Chinese painting. I am very happy.” An international student says excitedly.

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