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To standardize and strengthen the procedure of introducing foreign professionals (hereinafter refer to as foreign teachers) to Jinhua Polytechnic, and to fully mobilize foreign teachers' initiatives in teaching and researching, Jinhua Polytechnic makes the following regulations under its current circumstances.


1. Employment Principles
    A. Employment work should be based on strengthening schools professionals’ team and construction of subject, improving researching standard of schools, and cultivating talents that will serve the construction of social modernization.
    B. The employment of foreign professionals should based on the school’s current circumstances, implementing the idea of employing with needs, selecting with merit, guaranteeing good quality, giving full play to their advantages, and focusing on the efficiency. Employment work should emphasis its attribution of planning, and avoiding hiring people blindly; teaching and researching tasks can be undertaken by teachers in Jinhua Polytechnic instead of  foreign professionals. Sino-foreign cooperative programs should employ foreign professionals in accordance with the agreement.


2. Foreign Professional Classification
    Foreign professionals (refer to the foreign teachers in general) can be sorted into four categories, which are long-term foreign culture education experts, long-term foreign teachers, short-term experts and visiting experts. Long-term foreign culture education experts and long-term foreign teachers are referred to professionals who will work in the school for more than three months. Short-term experts are mainly referred to the teachers who will stay in the school for less than three months and mainly undertake teaching tasks of Sino-foreign cooperative programs, academic interaction and scientific research cooperation. Visiting experts are referred to foreign scholars and experts hired by other companies for lectures, or interactive researches, who come to our school for academic interaction.


3. Requirements for Foreign Professionals
1)Employed objects should be friendly to PRC, willing to follow PRC's laws and Jinhua Polytechnic’s regulations, and respect Chinese customs.
2)Physically health (required providing health certificate issued by PRC’s Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau).
3)In principle, foreign professionals hired as long-term foreign culture education experts should have teaching experience over three years, while have a master’s and above degree, or a vice professor and above title in relevant subject(s).
4)In principle, foreign teachers hired as foreign language teachers should not only have teaching experience for over two years, but also have a bachelor’s and above degree in relevant language(s) and literature; not only have professional language(s) training and certain language(s) teaching experience, but also have standardized pronunciation and tone.
5)In principle, foreign teachers hired as non-language experts should have a master’s and above degree, or a vice professor and above title, while have excellent teaching quality and plenty experience.
6)In principle, foreign professionals hired as visiting experts should have a master’s and above degree, or a vice professor and above title in relevant subject(s).


4. Necessary Documents for Employing Foreign Professionals
1)Personal Resume (including name, sex, nationality, date of birth, birth location, martial status, health status, education background, work experience, contacts, etc.).
2)Copy of Degree Qualification, and Profession Qualification.
3)Copy of valid passport.
4)Publication information of thesis or book(s).
5)Reference letter(s).
6)Health certificate.
7)Non-crime record certification. 


5. Long-term and Short-term Foreign Professionals Employment Procedures
    A. Intramural Process
1)Each secondary college should hand in next year’s foreign teachers employment plan in December—filling in Foreign Teachers Employment Plan of Jinhua Polytechnic form (see attachment 1), in accordance with majors’s development, and talents and staff’s training conditions. Jinhua Polytechnic will regard colleges which have not handed in the form by the deadline as no need for foreign teachers, and will not hire foreign teachers for such college(s) in the next year. DICE will assist secondary colleges in conducting employment affairs of foreign teachers sent by Sino-foreign cooperative programs; secondary colleges still need to hand in the form to DICE in time.
2)DICE is responsible for gathering, checking and giving advice on employment plan. The decision will be made by the dean’s office after checking by head of relevant department.
3)Secondary colleges will be informed of next year’s employment plan after school’s discussion.
4)Each secondary college (including Sino-foreign cooperative programs) can nominate expected foreign teachers, filling in Foreign Teachers Employment Application of Jinhua Polytechnic form (see attachment 2) and handing it to DICE for approval. DICE will contact and assist secondary colleges for relevant affairs, in accordance with the form.


    B. Extramural Process (conducted by DICE)  

a) Jinhua Polytechnic will report to the Education Department of Zhejiang Province. After verifying documents, the Education Department will issue Announcement of Approving Employing Foreign  Experts.
b) With the announcement and other relevant materials, Approval for Foreign Experts Coming to PRC, and Invitation from Accredited Company(s) can be get respectively from Foreign Affairs Office of Zhejiang Province, Foreign Affairs Office of Jinhua City, and Foreign Experts Bureau of Jinhua City. 
c) Employed object(s) will receive Approval for Foreign Experts Coming to PRC, and Invitation from Accredited Company(s) to get PRC’s visa.

6. Visiting Experts Employment Rules
1)Visitng experts can be invited consistent with the need for teaching or scientific researches, as well as explicit cooperative program(s) or cooperative purposes. Office(s) inviting visiting experts must hand in written application to DICE; while DICE will report to the head of relevant department for approval. Reception will be conducted with leader’s permission.
2)The scale of reception will be consistent with regulations on certain documents that DICE holds.


7. Expenditure Management
1)In accordance with work need, colleges employing foreign teachers are responsible for the payment of the appropriate treatment and fund for employing and employed foreign teachers.
2)Appropriate treatment and fund for foreign teachers hired by Sino-foreign cooperative programs will be in accordance with the agreement.
3)DICE will set foreign teachers’ special fund in the annual expenditure budget. The fund will mainly be used as the cost of foreign teachers’ (arranged by Jinhua Polytechnic) relevant work, including employment affairs, academic forums, major western festivals’ comforts and activities. The fund will be used in accordance with China’s regulations.


8. This regulation becomes effective immediately on the day of its publication. DICE reserves the right of explanation.

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