Students Exchange Program
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Exchange Students Program (Top-Up Program)

with Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences

1. Introduction of the Program

Kouvola of Finland and Jinhua of China are sister and friendship cities. Mr. 爱默-阿提先, the mayor of Kouvola, has twice led the governmental delegation to visit our school. Our school and Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences became sister schools in June of 2005.

According to the cooperation agreement, our school and Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences carry out students exchange, mutual credit recognition and mutual exemption of tuition fees. Several college graduates of our school, whose Ielts score is 6 or above, are sent to Kymenlaakson University of Applied Sciences for further study majoring in International Trade in September every year.

Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences is located in a Nordic country of an exquisite scenery, Finland, which is known as Kingdom of Thousands of Lakes with the largest archipelago in Europe. Finland is the sixth largest country in Europe, covering an area of 33.8 square kilometers with a population of 52 million. The annual average temperature of Helsinki is 5.3 degrees. The warmest month throughout the year is July with the highest temperature 17 degrees and the coldest February, lowest temperature 6 degrees below zero. Finland joined the European Union in 1995, primarily exporting metal, engineering and electronic products (50%), as well as forest products (30%).

Based on Kymenlaakso Institute of Technology, founded in 1996, Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences is one of the 29 higher vocational institutes approved by Ministry of Education of Finland. Upgrading to an undergraduate institute, it changed its name to Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences. Located in both Kotka and Kouvola, the university is divided into six campus, including technical, business, social, shipping, forestry, and electronic design districts with more than four hundred teachers and more than four thousand three hundred students as well as five hundred or so foreign graduate students.

All the undergraduate courses of International Trade of the university are taught in English, in 3.5 schooling years, including basic learning, professional learning, internship practice and graduation thesis. The exchange students from our school only need to pay for travel, accommodation, meals, materials and other related costs during their study in Kymenlaakso. And after 1.5 years, the qualified graduates can obtain Bachelor’s degrees in International Trade of international recognition.

2. Students and Teachers Exchanges in Recent Years

(1). From 2006 to present, a total of 26 students of our school have been sent to study in Finland, including 2 ones in 2006, 5 in 2008, 3 in 2009, 5 in 2010, 5 in 2011, 3 in 2012, 2 in 2013 and 1 in 2014.

(2). From 2006 to present, a total of six Finnish students came to study art design, international trade and Chinese in our school.

(3). In 2014, two Finnish students had internship learning in our schools' cooperative enterprises.

(4). In 2007, Dr. Ilkka Virolainen conducted a short-term visit to our school, during which, a one-week teaching on Finnish trade for English major students was carried out and lectures for teachers of English majors were given.

(5). In October of 2010, Mr. Mark, rector of International Business College and Mr. Ulla, the director of Chinese-Finnish cooperative program visited our school.

(6). In May, Tarig Brola, a Finnish teacher, conducted an exchange in the Art College of our school.

(7). In June of 2012, delegation of Mr. Li Qiuhua, Secretary of our school, paid a visit to Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences.

(8). In June of 2013, Ari Lindeman, Leader of Leadership and Management Group visited our school.

(9). In March of 2014, Kirsi Rouhiainen, a senior student consultant visited our school.

(10). In September of 2014, the short-term teachers training group of Wang Hao, Xu Junling, Wu Yaqin, Dong Pang and Ying Lizu, received training programs in Finland.

(11). From September to November of 2014, Wu Ru, a teacher from Economics and Management College, and Gao Jing, a teacher from Art College received a three-month teacher training in Finland.

(12). From November 9 to 11 of 2014, Mr. Petteri Ikonen, Rector of Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences, and Dr. Marja-Liisa Neuvonen-Rauhala, Director of Education, International Business and Culture visited our school.

3. Advantages of the Study - abroad Program between Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and Jinhua Polytechnic

     (1). Advantage one: Excellent study environment. Nordic countries such as Finland, are known for high income, high taxes and generous welfare throughout the world. The good welfare brings about high-quality citizens and stable social environment. In Finland, without too many safety concerns, students can totally devote themselves to study. What’s more, with high overall quality, simple folkway, the native students are very friendly to Chinese students without any exclusion.

(2). Advantage two: teaching in English and education free of charge. Despite courses taught in mother tongue, Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences offers courses specially for international students. The courses of International Trade our school’s students take there are all taught in English. In addition, the biggest bright spot of the program is free education. Students only need to pay the costs of living during their study abroad. The average yearly cost of living in Finland is around 50000 RMB (including accommodation, meals, transportation and books, etc.). Therefore, study cost is relatively low. For instance, Shen Dongdong, a student of our school participating in the program, only spent 40000 yuan on a year’s study in Finland.

(3). Advantages three: high visa pass rate. Due to the cooperation agreement between Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and our school, it is easy for the students in our school to obtain a visa. What’s more, the visas students obtain belong to Shenggen Visas, with which, students can travel in 24 European countries without border inspection. It is helpful for students to enrich their experience through a European visit study.









1.        2006年至今共有26名我校学生赴芬兰学习,其中2006年2名,2008年5名,2009年3名,2010年5名,2011年5名,2012年3名, 2013年2名和2014年1名。

2.        2006年至今共有6名芬兰学生来我校学习艺术设计、国际贸易和汉语。

3.        2014年有2名芬兰学生在我校校企合作企业学习。

4.        2007年4月Ilkka Virolainen博士来我校进行短期访问,为英语专业学生用英语进行了为期一周的关于芬兰贸易方面的教学,同时为英语专业教师开设了相关讲座。

5.        2010年10月国际商务学院马克校长和中分项目负责人Ulla来访。

6.        2011年5月Tarig Brola教师来我校艺术学院交流。

7.        2012年6月我校李秋华书记一行6人访问芬兰科拉索应用科技大学。

8.        2013年6月领导管理组组长AriLindeman来我校访问。

9.        2014年3月资深学生顾问Kirsi Rouhiainen来我校访问。

10.    2014年9月 我校短期教师培训团组王皓、徐俊凌、吴亚琴、董乓和应丽竹一行人在芬兰接受为期2周的培训。

11.    2014年9月-2014年11月经管学院吴茹老师和艺术学院高静老师在芬兰进行为期3个月的教师培训。

12.   12.2014年11月9日-13日科拉索应用科技大学校长Petteri Ikonen 和国际商务文化部主任Rauhala (Mr. Petteri Ikonen Rector Dr.Marja-Liisa Neuvonen-Rauhala   Director of Education,International Business and Culture)





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