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Regarding school-enterprise cooperation as the strategic point and lifeblood of running the school, Jinhua Polytechnic has built up its unique educational model “the Unity of Five Parts” including work experiencing base, teaching, research, student enrollment and graduate employment. And it has kept enhancing work experiencing bases at college more like real workshops and those outside as teaching places, and carrying on rational and systematic reform from inside. Since 2009, based on new requirements for skilled talents for the development of regional economy and school’s own development needs, Jinhua Polytechnic has been actively exploring a new path to deepen cooperation between school and enterprise, implementing construction of school-enterprise benefit community. At present, Jinhua Polytechnic has been built 9 school-enterprise benefit communities which are Zotye Auto College, Crown College , High-Tech IT College, Modern Agricultural Technical Training College, Mid-Zhejiang Technological Alliance of Architectural Ornament, Entrepreneurial Institute, Jianfeng pharmaceutical and Jinhua Polytechnic Drug Research and Development Center, International Trade Park,and the Study,Teaching,and Research Community of Preschool Education Major. Xinhua news agency, Zhejiang leader reference (November 28, 2012) 30th issue of focus on “Jinhua Polytechnic University-enterprise cooperation new mode is worth using for reference”, the vice governor of Zhejiang province Zheng Jiwei wrote a comment: Jinhua Polytechnic has been exploring the School-Enterprise Cooperation for many years, and has already been mature, we should popularize it to the all of province's higher vocational college.

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