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Jinhua Polytechnic Wintec International College (JPWIC) was approved to be established by the Education Ministry of the People’s Republic of China (lisence No.:GOV33AUA03DNR20150838N) in May, 2015. As a Sino-Foreign cooperation institution withoutindependent legal entity founded jointly by Jinhua Polytechnic and New Zealand Waikato Institute of Technology, it is a secondary college of Jinhua Polytechnic. The qualified graduates could obtain higher vocational diplomas from Jinhua Polytechnic as well as diplomas in Information and Communication Technology (Level 6) from Waikato Institute of Technology. The majors to be provided for initial intake include Applied Electronic Technology, Computer Networking Technology and Computer Application Technology. President-in-charge system led by thejoint management committee,whose members are from inhua Polytechnic and Wintec, is applied to the management of JPWIC. JPWIC aims at importing high-quality international education resources, completing each other’s educational advantages and cultivating skilled and professional students with international view who will contribute to the regional economic development.

In 2015, the first intake of students are enrolled to JPWIC. Now there are almost 168 students and small class teaching is applied to the teaching process. More importantly, JPWIC adopts innovative teaching principles as follows. First, teaching, learning and practicing are combined together in the learning process, which helps to improve students comprehensive and vocational ability. Secondly, introducing modern teaching technology improves the teaching methods and provides a platform for students and teachers to communicate online and offline. Thirdly, learning assessment consists of formative assessment, final assessment, mutiple assessment and so on. The faculty of Jinhua Polytechnic and Wintec International College is of high level. The courses imported from Wintec account for more than one third of the curriculum. These courses will all be taught by foreign teachers and there will be a Chinese teacher cooperating with each foreign assistant teacher. Meanwhile, the curriculum resources of JPWIC is abundant. Core courses conducted by foreign teachers constitute one third of the core curriculum. In addition, more than 40% of Chinese teachers are senior instructors and members of provisional teaching groups or advanced teaching teams of the college. What is more, they have completed three typical projects of natioanl teaching resources library, two national superior courses and two national superior sharing courses.

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